Comment by Pedro Reis, Fabian Brau and Pascal Damman “The mechanics of slender structures” is published in Nature Physics. [journal link].

Changyeob’s paper “Rigidity of hemispherical elastic gridshells under point load indentation” is published in JMPS. [journal link].

Joel’s paper “Designing soft materials with interfacial instabilities in liquid films” is published in Nature Communications. [journal link].

Joel’s paper “Solid structures generated by capillary instability in thin liquid films” is published in Physical Review Fluids. [journal link].

Postdoc opening in our fleXLab @EPFL in the area of fluid-structure interaction at high Reynolds number, with a focus in experiments. The goal is to study the mechanisms underlying the coupling between fluid flow and multi-component morphing structures. Details [here].

Pedro Reis gives a plenary talk at the Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference 2018 that took place at MIT. The title of his talk was Shell Buckling Revisited: “Everyone loves a buckling problem!”

Changyeob starts his summer study at EPFL. Bartosz Kaczmarski from Princeton University joins as a Visiting Undergraduate.

Paul Johanns (from Luxembourg) joins the flexLab as a Ph.D. Graduate Student. Tomohiko Sano (from Japan) joins as a Visiting Postdoc.

A postdoc position is opening in Applied Mathematics at EPFL in the group of Prof. John Maddocks to work on the mechanics of (1) helices (in collaboration with the group of Prof. John Kolinski) and (2) elastic knots (in collaboration with our group). More details can be found here: and

Khalid’s paper “Patterns of carbon nanotubes by flow-directed deposition on substrates with architectured topographies” is published online in Nano Letters. [journal link].

Paul Grandgeorge (from France) joins the flexLab as a Postdoc.

Anna Lee (from Korea) and Mark Guttag (from the USA) join the flexLab as Postdocs.

Pedro Reis initiates his 3-year appointment as Associate Editor of the ASME’s Journal of Applied Mechanics.

Happy New Year: 2018 is going to be amaaazing!

Mark’s paper “Aeroelastic deformation of a perforated strip” is accepted for publication in Physical Review Fluids. More soon.

Mark’s paper on “Active aerodynamic drag reduction on morphable cylinders” is published in Physical Review Fluids. [journal link].

Changyeob’s paper on “Form finding in elastic gridshells” is published in PNAS. [journal link]

Mark Guttag successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis “Aerodynamic Drag on Deformable and Active Structures in High Reynolds Number Conditions”. The members of the thesis committee were Mary Boyce, Mark Drela, Peko Hosoi and Xuanhe Zhao. Congrats Dr. Guttag!

Anna Lee successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis “Fabrication and Buckling of Thin Spherical Shells Containing Precise Geometric Imperfections”. The members of the thesis committee were Pedro M. Reis, Rohan Abeyaratne, David Parks, and John W. Hutchinson. Congrats Dr. Lee!

Matteo Pezzulla (from Italy) and Dong Yan (from China) join the flexLab as the two first Postdocs. Noelia Simone joins as superpowers Administrative Assistant.

Pedro Reis joins the Institute of Mechanical Engineering at EPFL, as Full Professor.

Birth of EPFL’s flexLab (Flexible Structure Laboratory). Hello World!